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Opening a messaging channel isn’t enough

An executive guide on why opening a messaging channel with simple connector technology will result in poor outputs and inefficient resource allocation

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Guide overview

The ebook will detail why professionals should invest in messaging-focused technology and why it yields more benefits for the consumer and business. The document aims to outline that while opening a messaging channel is the correct decision, simple connector options are short-term solutions to what will be a long-term B2C communication channel switch.

This guide will walk you through; why messaging is worth investment, why basic messaging projects fail to impress, what is the correct technology, why certain technology performs better, and real-world results of using messaging-centered tech.

Who is this guide for?

This ebook will be relevant to anyone with an interest in B2C communication and customer experience. However, it is primarily aimed at the following professionals:

Customer experience managers

Procurement and operations professionals

Customer service professionals

Heads of innovation

Learn how to deploy a messaging channel efficiently and cost-effectively

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